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Come on out and meet some of the local Grand Junction artists this weekend for the biannual Studio Tours. Artists are once again opening up their studios for the public to come see them at work in their studios and homes. You’ll be amazed at the talent in this valley! Click here to download a map:
I’ll be at the Artist’s Haven so stop by and visit. (The Artist’s Havens new location is where harbert Lumber used to be on North Avenue)


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Adina’s painting, 6 years old

Siana’s painting, 11 years old

Linea’s painting, 9 years old

I love to paint outside! I’ve been doing lots of watercolors outside in the last month, and now that the girls are on summer vacation they are joining me. At first I thought they might not stay focused very long, or that they would get done too quickly, but they are really into it, and they are seriously studying the trees, plants, water, fish, and bugs that we encounter on our hikes, and bike rides. I thought I would share some of our work with you.

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So today I decided to paint after my morning run on Tabeguache Trail.
Painting outside really feels good! I love how the watercolor dries so quickly, it keeps you on your toes!
And it’s so bright with that big glowing sun that my colors have to try to compete.  I really had fun with leaving lots of white and capturing the bright sun on the rocks that way.

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This watercolor was done by Adina, my recently turned 6 year old, in between throwing rocks in the river and filtering sand through her fingers….she’s such an inspiration!

This one I did, while watching Adina out of the corner of my eye, throw rocks in the river….

We had so much fun and it was so relaxing, we decided to do this again very soon.  I’ll keep you posted….

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  “Ode to a Cottonwood”

  “Ode to a Weeping Willow”

    “Golden Aspens”

      “Morning Blush”


    “Storm brewing over the Palisade”

  “The Old Tree”

I have been painting trees since I was a little girl and grew up next to a green lush forrest in Denmark.  There were birch, beech, elm, oak, and a thick carpet of leaves turning to mulch.  I remember that smell and now as an adult I love turning over my leaf piles and adding this richness to my garden.   Nature is so simple and yet so complex, so fragile, yet resilient.   There’s magic in trees.  A friend told mine recently: “you capture the essence of trees in your painting!”

Here’s a poem that was published in “The Tree That Time Built” and written by Karen I. Shragg

Think like a Tree

Soak up the sun

Affirm life’s magic

Be graceful in the wind

Stand tall after a storm

Feel refreshed after it rains

Grow strong without notice

Be prepared for each season

Provide shelter to strangers

Hang tough through cold spells

Emerge renewed at first sign of spring

Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky

Be still long enough

to hear your own leaves rustling.



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I’ve been busy trying to coordinate my web presence. I’m aming for a more unified “look” between my pages, and I decided to go ahead and add a gallery of all my collages to my website! So take a look:) 

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We all sat down to paint at Connected Lakes and wow!

there were a lot of fish! We were so inspired to paint them and here are the results….

by Adina, 5 years old


by Linea, 9 years old

by Siana, 11 years old

Sunset by Adina, 5 years old

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