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"From Here to There"

I’m always very productive in the Fall, I guess it’s because there is less gardening to do. I finished this collage that I titiled “From Here to There.” I think it is fun to think about where I’ve been, where I am now and where I’m going. We all travel through life on our own paths, and this collage is a reflection of that journey, my journey. At this point in time I’m a little confused about my direction…I guess we all are at times. Creatiing this collage helped me gain some focus, and focus was sorely needed.

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Early Blooms

I really am enjoying the snow and I’m trying not to get too excited for Spring yet. But Spring is so close now and it is my favorite time of year; everything will be new and fresh and green. As it continues to snow I paint Spring!

The Hellebores are fascinating to me as they are almost impossible to predict in terms of color, size and markings. The seeds even taken from a certain plant will yield a bloom that is a surprise. I love the mysteriousness!


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