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"From Here to There"

I’m always very productive in the Fall, I guess it’s because there is less gardening to do. I finished this collage that I titiled “From Here to There.” I think it is fun to think about where I’ve been, where I am now and where I’m going. We all travel through life on our own paths, and this collage is a reflection of that journey, my journey. At this point in time I’m a little confused about my direction…I guess we all are at times. Creatiing this collage helped me gain some focus, and focus was sorely needed.


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Self-doubt creeps into my mind sometimes, this weekend was one of those times. I felt so critical of all my paintings! Looking at them I only saw what needed to be changed, some I just wanted to paint over. It was not a good mood to be for painting, the paintings annoyed me! Who do you think you are anyway? Why do you think you can paint? Those kinds of thoughts will kill creativity anytime! So I let the paintings be and I went hiking and read a good book instead.
Then Monday night, my husband Dion decides to grab a hot dog @ Target and when I join him, Lisa (the “other” face painter) and her husband (the balloon guy) are at the next table just inches away. I excuse myself for interrupting to see/hear if she remembers me.  Her face lights up in a smile and yes of course she remembers me, in fact she was just at the Art Center where her and Steve, her husband, had seriously thought about buying one of my paintings! “you have really mastered your style” she tells me and “your color scheme.” “Thank you” I reply, “you have no idea how good that is to hear!”
Then the next day @ Michael’s I go in to check out their frames because they are having a sale. “Seed of Life” is the piece I brougth with me. The middle age woman helps me pick a frame, and figures out how much it would cost with the discount. Then she confides in me that she really likes this painting. “You are onto something really special here” she says to me. I thank her and she says “you should do more on this theme.  Wow I think to myself another affirmation!
You would think that would be it, but then a lady @ the book store falls into conversation with me and she wants to know if I sew. I tell her not really, I atually paint. She asks which gallery I’m in, and I tell her about the Two Rivers art show and hand her one of my business cards. She tells me I should think about teaching workshops and /or classes for kids who are homeschooled. By now I’m smiling to myself, it is almost like it’s too much! All these affirmations to keep me going…
I pop in to see what Caole is doing @ Planet Earth and the Four Directions Gallery, she’s remodeling, but says she is so glad to see me, and that she has been thinking about me since she saw my paintings at the Art Center. She said she was drawn to them!
So there it is! All these affirmations left me feeling warm and inspired to paint! Yes, I will keep painting!

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This collage I made today at a collage workshop with a local artist that I admire, Gayle Gershon. The workshop was held at a yoga studio and we all were barefeet and sitting crossed- legged on the floor with all our images, papers, ribbons and cloth spread out around us. 

We did an exercise called Circle of Life to take a look at where we are with our own goals and dreams. I realized that my home front is very strong and secure and that it is okay for me to start branching out more, (or in the case of this collage lift my wings).

 There is a lot of symbolism in this collage that I would like to share:  The nest in the bottom symbolizes my home, I try to keep it neat and clean, always cozy and full of love, the yellow bird is me taking care of the nest. The Tigerswallow Tail is my husband Dion who also does his part on the home front, as well as supporting us on one income! The three golden butterflies are my three daughters, two born close together and the third catching up…then there’s a hidden owl who symbolizes wisdom, the wisdom needed to take the next steps toward taking flight….at the top I’m soaring and the little butterflies are too. The pieces of map in the background show Denmark in the lower corner where I was born the ocean we flew over and then North America in the top corner which of course is where I live now. All the flowers had to be there as I grew up in a greenhouse and was around both flowers since before I could walk.

The whole process was so much fun, I got really into it, and actually forgot for a little while that I was in a class. At the end I walked around and saw everyone’s collages and they were all so different and all so fun! I met some interesting women and had a great experience.

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