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I friend of mine introduced me to the idea of creating a collage for the things, feelings, adventure, color and people that I want to attract in my life.

It has become a New Years Collage and this is my third year creating one. I hang mine up so that I can look at it while I brush my teeth. and it serves as a affirmation of the good things I want to attract.

I read an article recently that said you should create this kind of collage and then hide it away and only then will the good things come to you because you are not thinking about it.

I think the opposite is true for me it helps me to look at the collage to remind myself of the things I’m hoping to attract and it helps me stay more focused.

Here is the one I made for this year….

New Years Collage

It’s a visual goal-settting project if you will.  Give it a try. 
All you need is a good pile of magazines, a glue stick, and a large piece of drawing paper.
 Thumb through the magazines absent-mindedly and pull out any images that speak to you.  
 Then on the large piece of drawing paper start laying out the images and arranging them. 
A lot of times I end up arranging them by color.   I like to lay out all the images before I glue any of them down, but sometimes I still decide to move some images after I already glued them, then I just use a sharp knife to free the image and move it to where I want it.
Last hang where you will see it often. 
Have fun and let me know how turned out.

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"From Here to There"

I’m always very productive in the Fall, I guess it’s because there is less gardening to do. I finished this collage that I titiled “From Here to There.” I think it is fun to think about where I’ve been, where I am now and where I’m going. We all travel through life on our own paths, and this collage is a reflection of that journey, my journey. At this point in time I’m a little confused about my direction…I guess we all are at times. Creatiing this collage helped me gain some focus, and focus was sorely needed.

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