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The first good downpour since April. The girls had to celebrate by dancing in the rain…….

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These last few days my thoughts have been with a sweet family and their little daughter Destry Sage who was undergoing open heart surgery in Denver. This morning she passed away…
The day they started her surgery I started a collage titled “Destry’s Heart.”  As I kept an eye on my own three daughters frolicking in the sunshine, I worked on this collage with Destry in my heart, hands and thoughts. I dedicate this piece to her family.

Tomorrow there will be a community gathering for moment of silence at dawn for little Destry……

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This year I decided to participate in the Sketchbook Project. All the sketchbooks will go on a tour around the USA to major cities. The coolest thing about this is that it is not juried so people get really creative! I wanted to try to follow the theme that they have you pick. My theme was “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and for me that was becoming a mother; birthing, nurturing, guiding and loving unconditionally with my heart wide open.
Here’s a glance at my sketches…

to be continued….

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