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So today I decided to paint after my morning run on Tabeguache Trail.
Painting outside really feels good! I love how the watercolor dries so quickly, it keeps you on your toes!
And it’s so bright with that big glowing sun that my colors have to try to compete.  I really had fun with leaving lots of white and capturing the bright sun on the rocks that way.

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Siana’s collage

Siana liked the tissue paper, the transparency of it and seeing other colors come through…


Adina’s Collage

 Adina sculpted a 3-D butterfly on her collage….

Linea’s Collage

 Linea searched for blue birds for her blue collage…

My second collage “A Little Bird Told Me…”

 I worked on a Fall collage, it’s in the air, I’m sensing it….and a little bird told me…

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