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I feel like this year we skipped Spring? This collage I created in January sitting at my desk looking out into my back yard, with my toes on the heater. It was cold and I was looking forward to seeing the little signs of Spring. By March we already had record high tempartures in the 70’s and now 80’s here in April. Even my youngest daughter feels that something is out of balance. She said to me the other day: “If it is this hot now mommy, what is summer going to be like?” I’m not sure…
But here is my token to Spring however brief it was this year.

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Cherry Blossoms

I’m so excited every Spring. Ready for the warmth, the green, and the fragrances. This spring I’m having to be a little more patient than usual as winter seems to linger. So I’ve been previewing spring through my paintings, my series of flowers is growing. Cherry Blossoms is my own favorite of the four created so far.

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