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Come on out and meet some of the local Grand Junction artists this weekend for the biannual Studio Tours. Artists are once again opening up their studios for the public to come see them at work in their studios and homes. You’ll be amazed at the talent in this valley! Click here to download a map:
I’ll be at the Artist’s Haven so stop by and visit. (The Artist’s Havens new location is where harbert Lumber used to be on North Avenue)

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So today I decided to paint after my morning run on Tabeguache Trail.
Painting outside really feels good! I love how the watercolor dries so quickly, it keeps you on your toes!
And it’s so bright with that big glowing sun that my colors have to try to compete.  I really had fun with leaving lots of white and capturing the bright sun on the rocks that way.

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Almost done…Just waiting for the paint to dry so I can tone down a few colors.


I’ve presently got two pieces in the Goddess Show @ Planet Earth & the Four Directions Gallery here in Grand Junction, Colorado.   Here’s one of them, this one is titled All One.  I learned that the word Alone comes from the two words All One.  This was so inspiring to me.  We are really not alone ever, because we are all one.  I had to paint this is really express how deeply this affected my outlook.

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I feel like this year we skipped Spring? This collage I created in January sitting at my desk looking out into my back yard, with my toes on the heater. It was cold and I was looking forward to seeing the little signs of Spring. By March we already had record high tempartures in the 70’s and now 80’s here in April. Even my youngest daughter feels that something is out of balance. She said to me the other day: “If it is this hot now mommy, what is summer going to be like?” I’m not sure…
But here is my token to Spring however brief it was this year.

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I remember my grandmother reading Elsa Beskow books for me when I was a little girl in Denmark.  Through interlibrary loan I have been able to get a hold of these books in English to share them with my girls (the originals are in Swedish).

Adina and I read the books as soon as they come in the door!  Elsa Beskow’s illustrations are so sweet and delicate I had to try my hand at a few of them.

I came across a Chinese proverb recently
I hear, and I forget.
I see, and I remember.
I do, and I understand.

That is was I’m aiming for here, an artistic understanding of her drawings.

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I’ve been reading about the Swedish artist Carl Larsson.  He was born in 1853 in Sweden.  He lived in France for a short time where he painted with several other Swedish artists and this is where he met Karin, his wife.  He and Karin had seven kids, who became  his favorite subject matter. Their house was decorated ecclectically mixing old with new, as well as painting his walls in bright colors and having big windows at a time when homes were dark and drab.

He was one of Sweden’s most prolific artists; always busy painting. He started out painting in oil and then discovered he really liked watercolor for their transparency. His work gives us a clear idea of what his life was like.

I just love his work!   I grew up with two of his paintings, that my mom had as prints, hanging by our dinning table. I remember sitting there looking at them and always noticing something new, some new little detail..  Carl Larsson painted interiors, his children , his wife, and events.  His work is sweet and charming, full of ligth and movement

I thought I would try my hand at a Carl Larsson…..

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“Gold Stars and Butterflies” 2011

“Eye of the Storm”  2011

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