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Come on out and meet some of the local Grand Junction artists this weekend for the biannual Studio Tours. Artists are once again opening up their studios for the public to come see them at work in their studios and homes. You’ll be amazed at the talent in this valley! Click here to download a map:
I’ll be at the Artist’s Haven so stop by and visit. (The Artist’s Havens new location is where harbert Lumber used to be on North Avenue)

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I’m really excited for the member’s show at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts. The exhibit opens with a reception this friday night and the exhibit will run until the 24th of February. I’m always so excited to see all the artwork. Last year there were over 400 entries! This year Camille, the curator, told me she has all the galleries reserved for the show, so there is room for even more? I can’t wait!

See you there for the reception Friday, February 3, 7 – 9 p.m. or peek in there during normal gallery hours before February 24th to see what creative minds have been up to here in the valley.

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For my birthday, my husband took me and the girls on a day trip to Aspen, Colorado for the Aspen Art Festival and to look at galleries. It was so much fun and I was so inspired by all the colors!

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Siana’s collage

Siana liked the tissue paper, the transparency of it and seeing other colors come through…


Adina’s Collage

 Adina sculpted a 3-D butterfly on her collage….

Linea’s Collage

 Linea searched for blue birds for her blue collage…

My second collage “A Little Bird Told Me…”

 I worked on a Fall collage, it’s in the air, I’m sensing it….and a little bird told me…

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This collage I made today at a collage workshop with a local artist that I admire, Gayle Gershon. The workshop was held at a yoga studio and we all were barefeet and sitting crossed- legged on the floor with all our images, papers, ribbons and cloth spread out around us. 

We did an exercise called Circle of Life to take a look at where we are with our own goals and dreams. I realized that my home front is very strong and secure and that it is okay for me to start branching out more, (or in the case of this collage lift my wings).

 There is a lot of symbolism in this collage that I would like to share:  The nest in the bottom symbolizes my home, I try to keep it neat and clean, always cozy and full of love, the yellow bird is me taking care of the nest. The Tigerswallow Tail is my husband Dion who also does his part on the home front, as well as supporting us on one income! The three golden butterflies are my three daughters, two born close together and the third catching up…then there’s a hidden owl who symbolizes wisdom, the wisdom needed to take the next steps toward taking flight….at the top I’m soaring and the little butterflies are too. The pieces of map in the background show Denmark in the lower corner where I was born the ocean we flew over and then North America in the top corner which of course is where I live now. All the flowers had to be there as I grew up in a greenhouse and was around both flowers since before I could walk.

The whole process was so much fun, I got really into it, and actually forgot for a little while that I was in a class. At the end I walked around and saw everyone’s collages and they were all so different and all so fun! I met some interesting women and had a great experience.

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Paradoxical traits that creative people share:
1. Energetic yet quiet and calm.
2. Smart yet naive.
3. Playful yet disciplined.
4. Imaginative yet rooted in reality.
5. Extroverted and introverted.
6. Humble yet proud.
7. Masculine yet feminine.
8. Conventional yet rebellious.
9. Passionate yet objective.
10. Anguished yet joyous.

(Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, author of the book titled “Creatvitiy”)

"Awakening" 2009


Yep, that’s me in a nut shell:)  

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